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Infographic: Invest in land with your IRA
Self-directed IRA's are a viable option for investing in rural land
How your IRA can be used to invest in land
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are a common portfolio option for those stashing away money ...
1031 FAQs
A 1031 is a provision in the IRS tax code that allows landowners to defer paying taxes on the exc...
How to know if you have water rights
The physical land you're looking to buy isn't the only thing you should be inspecting during your...
Explaining the buying process: Part 2
So you've found a property you're interested in, but what happens next?
Using self-directed IRAs for land investment
A growing number of IRA holders are looking to alternative forms of investments, such as real est...
Understanding government programs
Government easement programs are designed to take land out of production for a greater use.
Explaining the buying process: Part 1
Purchasing land may at first seem like an unending process of getting your hopes up and filling o...
Why Choose Mossy Oak Properties
Enlisting the help of a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist connects you to a network designed t...
Infographic: Do The Math
The Public Land Survey System is the primary land description method and an important tool for la...
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