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Doug Story feels very blessed to have grown up on a farm in Southeastern VA. Living in a farming community gave him an appreciation for the country life, a sense of community with great neighbors and a love for nature and the great outdoors. Sharing with his wife of 28 yrs. and three daughters some of the same activities he enjoyed as a kid, such as hunting, shooting or ATV’s, gives Doug great pleasure. Through his involvement in farming, surveying, land development and real estate sales Doug has learned that all land is God’s creation and each parcel has its own “best purpose.” Whether it be for farming crops, growing timber, residential or commercial development, or recreation and hunting each and every acre has something for which it is best suited. An MBA from Regent University with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing gives Doug insight into what his clients and customers are seeking and an ability to understand the vision they have for their business or personal needs. So whether you are buying or selling let Doug combine his experience and education with the assets and name recognition of the Mossy Oak brand to help you realize your dream and maximize the potential of your investment. Contact Doug today to get started on making your dream a reality!

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