Land for Sale in South Dakota
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Land for Sale in South Dakota

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About South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore state encompasses 49.3 million acres, just over 77,116 square miles. Located in the midwestern region of the United States, neighboring states include North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.
South Dakota’s name derives from Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes. South Dakota became the 39th state of the union in 1889.
It’s nicknamed the Mount Rushmore State in honor of the mountain sculpture by Gutzon Borglum, completed in 1941. The state flower is the American Pasque, and the state bird is the Ring-necked Pheasant.
The state is made up of 66 counties. Pierre is the capital, and the largest city is Sioux Falls.

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Gregory County, SD
This is a level to gently rolling tract of cropland that lies adjacent to the east edge of the City of Gregory, South Dakota. The property is situated in a prime location for future development for residential lots and/or commercial or indu...
120± Acres
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South Dakota’s four main land regions are the Drift Prairie, the Dissected Till Plains, the Great Plains, and the Black Hills.


Agriculture continues to be South Dakota’s top industry, generating $8.8 billion in revenues. There are approximately 31,500 farms, covering 43.2 million acres of the Mount Rushmore state. The average size farm comprises 1,300 acres. Agriculture makes a significant contribution to all 66 counties.
South Dakota’s most valuable crops are corn and soybeans. The state also grows substantial quantities of hay, wheat, and even leads the nation in growing sunflowers. Most of the cropland is found in the eastern part of the state.


South Dakota wildlife is abundant on both land and water. The state is home to bison, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn, coyote, and prairie dogs.
Diverse fishing opportunities across the state include Northern pike, walleye, sturgeon, paddlefish, carp, and gar.
South Dakota is committed to conserving and restoring its native grasslands, waters, and wildlife habitats to allow for greater sustainability of natural resources.

Major Rivers and Lakes

The three longest rivers in South Dakota are the Missouri River, James River, and White River. Their main tributaries include the Grand River, Moreau River, and Cheyenne River.
Lake Oahe, the largest lake in South Dakota, is located on the Missouri River. The lake spans from South Dakota to North Dakota. The surface area of this lake is approximately 369,920 acres (578 square miles). Other significant lakes include Lake Francis Case and Lake Sharpe, which exceed 158,899 surface area acres.

State and National Parks

South Dakota has 63 state parks and 7 national parks.

National Parks:

  • Badlands National Park
  • Jewel Cave National Monument
  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
  • Minuteman Missile National Historic Site
  • Missouri National Recreational River
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • Wind Cave National Park


Largest LakeLake Oahe

State Summary
Nickname The Mount Rushmore State
Neighboring States North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana
Regions Drift Prairie, Dissected Till Plains, Great Plains, and Black Hills
State Flower American Pasque
State Bird Ring-necked Pheasant
Big Game Deer, antelope, elk, turkey, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and mountain lion
Small Game Pheasant, grouse, partridge, quail, dove, rabbit, and squirrel
Freshwater Fish Northern pike, muskellunge, rainbow smelt, flathead catfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, rock bass, sunfish, and crappies
Saltwater Fish N/A
Hunting Information
Total Acreage 49.3 million acres
Total Public Land Acreage 2.6 million acres
Average Annual Rainfall 23 inches
Farmland by Acreage 43.2 million acres
Woodlands by Acreage 1.7 million acres
Coastline N/A
Conservation Program
Primary Crops Corn and Soybeans
Other Lakes Lake Francis Case, Lake Sharpe, and Lewis and Clark Lake
Major Rivers Missouri River, James River, and White River
Other Tributaries Grand River, Moreau River, and Cheyenne River

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