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As a land specialist, you are looking for an edge in today’s competitive market. Since 2002, our franchise-based platform has blended the strength of the most trusted and beloved name in the outdoors with national marketing, a deep tool box of services, and a team of the best land specialists in the business.

In a 2018 survey, Mossy Oak was recognized by 97% of respondents, and for 56% of those surveyed it was the brand that best represented their love for the outdoors. For our land specialists this means more opportunities to build relationships with consumers and increase market share.

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Our Mission

Since our inception in 1999 and franchise expansion in 2002, our mission has been to align with the best and most honorable land specialists in the industry, and provide them with a platform to be successful, which in turn benefits the buyers and sellers of rural land they serve.

Our Values


We are authentic in our love and respect for the land, the outdoors, and the wildlife that call it home, and want to share that passion with our family, friends, and others.


We believe the right thing to do is steadfast and is never comprised.


We all embrace our roles in helping people achieve their goals, whether that be buying or selling land, or propelling their land sales business to new heights.


We are better together and together we work towards a common goal of being America’s preferred network for all land transactions.
Mossy Oak Properties

Our Services

  • State of the art (STATS)
  • National Social Media, Top Search Engine Rankings, Paid Search Advertising, TV, and Print Marketing
  • Fist Full of Dirt podcast
  • Feeds to leading land for sale websites
  • Certified Land Specialist and Accelerator training program
  • And much more!

We Get It Done

Our success in the rural land market is a by-product of aligning with the best land specialists in the business and providing them with the tools needed to be successful.

Mossy Oak Properties
Mossy Oak Properties
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Mossy Oak Properties
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Mossy Oak Properties
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