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Mossy Oak Properties expands in Upper Midwest

Plum City, WI- Mossy Oak Properties is pleased to announce the opening of Mossy Oak Properties-Mississippi Valley Real Estate. Jason Bast, the owner and broker of the Western Wisconsin brokerage, has extensive experience in the land sales market. “We have had a family real estate company since 1990, starting with our father. I joined the family business in

Tennessee land broker receives 2021 Fox Haas Award

Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce that Tennessee land broker Jamie Spencer of Mossy Oak Properties Tennessee Land & Farm in Franklin, Tennessee, received its prestigious “Fox Haas Award” at the company’s recent virtual Land Summit, held on June 8, 2021. The Fox Haas Award, named after the iconic patriarch of the Mossy

“Fist Full of Dirt” podcast

“Fist Full of Dirt with Cuz Strickland,” is a podcast dedicated to helping outdoors enthusiasts connect with the land and wildlife they love and hold dear. New episodes of the interview-style podcast roll out each Tuesday and feature a variety of guests, from notable names in the outdoor industry such as rock and roll legend

Mossy Oak Properties Recognizes 2021 First Quarter Pinnacle Club

West Point, MS – Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce the members of its 2021 1st Quarter Pinnacle Club. The Pinnacle Club recognizes the top ten land sales professionals each quarter from a network of more than 600 agents and brokers across 30 states. Chris Hawley, CEO/President and Co-Founder of Mossy Oak Properties, Inc., stated: “We

The Best Trees For Wildlife

David Hawkins Ask any game manager to name the top threats to the long-range health of wildlife and most will include “habitat loss.” Urban and suburban sprawl is eating up fields and forests at a record rate. No longer is it rare to see big game, including deer, elk, bear, and moose roaming the streets

Wild Turkey Populations in the South

David Hawley Several years ago, I began to hear whispers of wild turkey populations declining in certain areas of traditional bastions for the wild turkey areas such as Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and New York. Because the quality of the hunting I was experiencing in my corner of the universe was largely the same as it

All About Trees: 10 Q&A with Expert Dudley Phelps

1. WHAT PURPOSE DO TREES SERVE IN THE HUNTING WORLD AND IN THE MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY? “In the hunting world they mainly provide a food source for all the species we love. Not just acorns, but also bugs for things like birds and turkeys. They can also serve for aesthetics and erosion control. They’ve got a

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