Cody Mason

Born and raised in Graham County, NC, Cody Mason, our Office Manager has been with us since 2020 and let's be honest, he sort of runs the show. From client services to social media management, Cody is the engine that keeps the office running. 


As a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot and professional photographer, Cody also proves to be an invaluable creative resource for both us and our clients. Cody enjoys pushing the limits of his photo and video editing, making his work stand out among the multitude of listings that potential property buyers see online on a daily basis. Besides his love for photography, Cody was recently married to the love of his life, and from what we can tell, she might be the machine that keeps him running. Whatever the case may be, Cody plays an instrumental part in each and every transaction that takes place in our office and we are pretty darn glad he's here.

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