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Like a lot of folks in Western North Carolina, Tom originally hails from Florida where it feels like it's too hot to breathe outdoors most days of the year and the air conditioning runs indoors 24/7/365. It only took one summertime trip to the mountains of North Carolina to convince Tom that he needed to make a move. After purchasing a small vacation cabin in Stecoah Valley in 2007 and spending every minute they could there, Tom, his wife Susie and their two daughters bought an 1880's farm house on 15 acres just up the road in the Summer of 2015 and moved there permanently. They currently have 5 chickens, 2 dogs, a horse and a  cat. They also have over 150 chestnut trees that supply chestnuts to local farmers markets and breweries in and around their little township.

Pursuing and now living the dream of owning such an idyllic little homestead is what has motivated Tom to work with Mossy Oak Properties. "We love it here so much, I feel like I can no longer keep this place a secret. It's too pretty not to share," explains Tom. "If my family can do it, anyone can do it. I would encourage anyone who aspires to own their own little slice of heaven in the mountains to go ahead and make the move. You'll be glad you did."

While growing up in rural, Central Florida, Tom gained a deep appreciation of the outdoors by dove hunting with his dad in his family's orange groves in Alturus, duck hunting on Little Crooked Lake, gator hunting on Lake Okeechobee and bass fishing the legendary phosphate pits of Ft. Meade, Florida. Nowadays, when Tom isn't helping people find their favorite place in the mountains, you can find him tending to the garden or hanging out on the pontoon boat on Fontana Lake putting off trying to go home.

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