Buying Land Through Mossy Oak Properties

Buying Land Through Mossy Oak Properties

Buying rural land or rural real estate for the first time can seem like an impossible task.  However, seeking the help of the right land specialist to walk you through the process can be the difference in success or failure in finding the tract of land you want for the price you can afford. 

At Mossy Oak Properties, we know the joy of land ownership firsthand, as we are a company built on a deep love for the land and the wildlife that call it home.  That knowledge and experience in rural properties cannot be understated; just as there are differences in medical doctors, the same goes for real estate agents.  We know land because that is our focus and passion. 

Here are a few key reasons why you should engage a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist when beginning your search for rural land:

1) The Mossy Oak Properties network has a proven track record

Our network is more than just a collection of people that love to hunt, fish, and spend time in the outdoors.  It is a group of proven land specialists that have facilitated tens of thousands of transactions for their clients.

In 2019, the Mossy Oak Properties network closed in excess of 3500 transactions-that’s a transaction every two hours and thirty minutes! The total sales volume sold in 2019 was over $750M, and Mossy Oak Properties currently has an inventory of listings exceeding $3.6 Billion in total.

Recently, 42 Mossy Oak Properties groups were named as “America’s Best Brokerage” recipients by The Land Report for the 2019.  The 42 recipients were far and away the most by any national brokerage network.

When you engage a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist, you are working with a person that not only understands your passion and what you are looking for, but a land specialist that can navigate the buying process and help you achieve your goals.

2) Mossy Oak Properties land specialists are trusted and knowledgeable advisors

Purchasing land or a rural property is oftentimes the biggest investment a person will make.   It is an emotional experience, meaning you need to work with a land specialist that can be trusted to ensure you purchase the property you want, not simply the first property you set foot on. 

Since 1986, the Mossy Oak brand has been built around a value set that includes honor and integrity, and as such, our brand has instant credibility with consumers. As evidence of this, in a recent survey of leading outdoor brands, consumers overwhelmingly recognized and trusted the Mossy Oak brand more than any other brand.  At Mossy Oak Properties, we instill these values every day to ensure our land specialists mirror the values of the parent brand in each and every interaction with a client. After all, this business is-and always will be-about relationships.

Additionally, our network is required to complete our 16-week, Certified Land Specialist training program to increase their acumen of being a land specialist.  Many of our land specialists also have backgrounds in farming, ranching, forestry, and wildlife management, to add another layer of expertise to the service they provide their clients.

3) Mossy Oak Properties land specialists share your passion for the outdoors

Our network has been built by teaming up with land brokers that not only live the outdoor lifestyle, but again, mirror the value set you’d expect from the Mossy Oak brand.  In addition to our land specialists being passionate about hunting, fishing, and conservation, many are likely landowners themselves, meaning they’ll be able to relate to your emotional desire to own land.

With buying rural land being fundamentally different than buying a home, enlisting the help of a land specialist is a wise move.   They are able to not only appreciate the beauty of the land, but have a deep knowledge for the fundamentals that make a specific property a good investment, as well as navigating the negotiation, due diligence, and closing process. 

4) As a buyer, engaging a land specialist typically is fee-free

While the caveat is this can vary, traditionally any fee or commission for a buyer’s agent is provided via the overall commission that a seller pays upon the sale of the property.  So whether you use a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist or another agent, using an agent when buying property is a wise-and typically free to you-service. 

Again, because buying a rural property can be fundamentally different than buying a home, having a true specialist in rural land and/or rural property sales is highly advisable.  From mineral rights to easement issues to title complexities to financing and more, buying land is something that can open up a Pandora’s Box without a trusted and knowledgeable advisor to guide you through the process.

When it is time to consider buying rural property, give your local Mossy Oak Properties office a call or visit us online at  You owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to make sure you have a land specialist capable of guiding you through this process, to ensure you buy the property you need for the price you can afford. 

The Mossy Oak Properties land brokerage network was launched in 2003 and has since grown to over 100 franchised brokerages in 28 states throughout the country, with our network completing 3500 transactions totaling $750M+ in sales volume for 2019.  Selected as a national “Best Brokerage” for 2019 by The Land Report, our network also had forty groups named as recipients.   For more information, visit