Do you have trust in your land broker?

land broker

There’s nothing more damaging to your finances than getting a raw deal when selling your property. With the help of a land broker, you can avoid this situation because you will have a trusted advisor at your service to help you handle the nuances and read the fine print that go into getting the most out of your sale.

However, as much as a land broker can help, it’s still necessary to be mindful of the hiring process to ensure you work with a trustworthy professional. Simply put, not all brokers are the same, and it will be to your benefit to do some research on your own before moving forward with a particular broker. That’s because trust is a huge issue that can make or break a relationship between seller and broker.

How you know you’re getting the best
One of the biggest problems facing sellers is that it’s not always easy to get sound advice from professionals. Everyone has their own opinion and thinks they know what’s best for you. At the end of the day, you, the seller, will have to decide where to place your confidence to ensure your broker is working with your best interests in mind.

Steve Baxter from Mossy Oak Properties of Texas – Headquarters Division in Heath, Texas, noted establishing trust is of the utmost importance, and in many cases, easier than you may think once you’ve got a working relationship with a broker. Here are just a few characteristics brokers should have. According to Baxter, brokers should:

  • Follow through with what they say they’re going to do, and don’t make excuses when the job isn’t getting done
  • Conduct all their business in a professional and timely manner
  • Be transparent in their efforts throughout the entire process and effectively communicate all their marketing and showing techniques
  • Have the knowledge, experience and data to prove all of their claims and demonstrate their advice is worth having

Benefits of a capable broker
A broker should be able to step foot on your property for the first time and immediately have a wealth of resources and insight at his or her disposal that will help you sell your land at an appropriate price. By settling for a traditional real estate agent, you will not reap the same rewards as by employing a certified land specialist from Mossy Oak Properties. For instance, an accredited land broker has a different set of skills and expertise that go beyond what other types of real estate agents bring to the table, Baxter said.

“Land marketing and sales involve their own nuances, with complicated rights associated with the land,” Baxter suggested. “Understanding land market forces, different utility for different types of land and having a passion for the outdoors puts the property, and therefore the seller, in the best light and position to conclude a successful transaction.”

Further, a land broker better understands the relationship between what buyers are seeking and the purposes they intend to use the land for. This type of knowledge creates a more effective selling process because a broker can close the deal knowing both the seller and the buyer are getting a good deal.

Things that work and things that don’t
A broker who promises you the sky likely won’t be able to follow through on his or her claims. Some sellers may be duped into believing in unrealistic results and thinking their land is worth more or less than what it actually is. This is why you should carefully consider who you choose to work with.

Baxter indicated you should be suspicious if an agent or broker says they already have buyers lined up to buy your land if you hand over the listing to their services, as this is usually a ploy to get your business.

Also, there are a few ways you can raise your listing price that are usually guaranteed to get you more money for your land without having to prematurely hand over the listing.  And a Mossy Oak Properties specialist can help. To enhance the appeal of your land, Baxter said you can:

  • Remove any unsightly debris or old equipment and clean up the general environment around your property
  • Maintain a working road system so prospective buyers can better access the land and understand how they intend to use it

In addition, making the utility of the land match the tract is key.

“Take reasonable steps to enhance the primary utility of that specific property,” said Baxter. “In other words, if it is a hunting/recreational tract, then develop small food plots and wildlife areas. If it is a cattle ranch, then control the invasive species and maximize the grazing and or repair the cattle pens. If it is a timber tract, provide a timber cruise and utilize strong timber practices, like controlled burns.”

Top-of-the-line service
You should be aware of who is in your corner and who is just out for themselves. Checking for experience and certifications is crucial to knowing who you can trust with your property.

On top of accreditation through professional institutions like the Certified Land Specialist program through Mossy Oak Properties, brokers should also have evidence of their success in closing deals and helping sellers get their money’s worth.

Once a broker has proven his or her credibility, then you can be more confident in the value of your property and its prospects on the market.

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