First Mossy Oak Properties franchisees honored with Golden Acorn Award

Golden Acorn Award

WEST POINT, MS- In the fall of 2002, Rick and Tammy Taylor took the ultimate leap of faith with the opening of the first Mossy Oak Properties franchise in McComb, Mississippi.  Nearly twenty years after doing so, the Taylor’s were honored with the inaugural Golden Acorn Award at the companies’ annual Mossy Oak Properties Land Summit, held June 6-8 in Starkville, Mississippi.


Mossy Oak Properties Forest Investments opened September of 2002, armed with little more than their passion and experience, the power of the Mossy Oak brand, and a promise that the fledgling company would make it the best decision of their lives.  With years of success and numerous accolades, the Taylor’s built one of the Mossy Oak Properties networks’ most respected franchises, before deciding to adopt a slower pace of life in the fall of 2021.

Golden Acorn Award

In doing so, they sold their McComb franchise to Hunter Posey of nearby Brookhaven, who was looking to expand his real estate business and build a stronger platform throughout South Mississippi.  Rick remains an agent with Mossy Oak Properties Posey Land Company, and an adviser as needed to Posey and his team.


In addition to a being successful member of the Mossy Oak Properties network, Rick is a forester and teaches many forestry and timberland courses for the Realtor’s Land Institute.  Both he and Tammy are respected for their Christian values, work ethic, and character both personally and professionally.


Rick recalls the first time he and Chris Hawley, CEO/President and Co-Founder of Mossy Oak Properties, discussed the idea of a Mossy Oak Properties franchise system.


“Chris [Hawley of Mossy Oak Properties] and I were visiting before looking over a tract of land that he had listed.  Chris said ‘Rick, we are thinking about expanding the Mossy Oak Properties concept via a franchised-based network.  We want to partner with established land brokers.  What do you think about that idea,” recalls Rick.  “Without hesitation I told him I was very interested.  I knew that the Mossy Oak brand was so trusted and recognized in my area that it could be a game changer for my business.  I also knew I probably didn’t want my local competitors to have that logo on their trucks,” laughed Rick.


Hawley reflected on the years by saying “When Toxey [Haas] and I started Mossy Oak Properties, we had no idea the way the relationships we would build with our people would positively impact our lives and give us some of our closest friendships. Rick and Tammy Taylor have been such integral parts of our team, that when the concept of the Golden Acorn Award came about, it was clear that folks who helped launch us would be the ones to win this award.  We owe them so much and this award alone cannot possibly thank them enough for everything they have done for and meant to our Mossy Oak Properties family.”


Rick added his thoughts on the Golden Acorn Award by saying:  “Tammy and I are extremely honored to receive the Golden Acorn Award.  It doesn’t seem right to receive an award for doing something that you have profited from and enjoyed so much.  The friends and memories we have made along the way with the entire Mossy Oak Properties family will be with us for a lifetime.  We are truly humbled to be recognized with this award and are beyond grateful for all of the friends we have made along the way.”


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