What is Recreational Land? Types, Uses, and How to Purchase

recreational land

Recreational land is any property used for enjoyment and relaxation rather than residential or commercial development. Recreational land can offer various benefits, such as providing a space for outdoor activities, connecting with nature, and investing in a valuable asset. Some examples of recreational land uses are hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and more.

At Mossy Oak Properties, we understand these lands’ unique allure and potential. Our guide is designed to help you navigate the ins and outs of recreational land, offering insights into what it is, its various types, key considerations for potential buyers, and how to buy it.

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Different Types of Recreational Land

Recreational land properties offer diverse experiences tailored to various outdoor interests. Here’s an overview of various recreational land types and the unique opportunities they present:

  • Forests: These lush, verdant environments are a haven for those who revel in nature’s tranquility. They provide the perfect backdrop for camping, hiking along scenic trails, and observing various wildlife in their natural habitat. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, forests offer a serene escape into the wilderness.
  • Waterfront Properties: These areas are a paradise for water activities enthusiasts. Whether casting a line for fishing, navigating the waters by boat, or enjoying a leisurely swim, waterfront properties cater to all who find solace and adventure in and around water. They are the quintessential choice for those drawn to lakes, rivers, and seas.
  • Hunting Grounds: These landscapes are a rich resource for the hunting community. Offering a diverse range of game animals, hunting grounds are meticulously maintained to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience for hunters. They are the go-to destinations for those pursuing the thrill of the hunt.
  • Open Fields: The epitome of versatility, open fields cater to a broad spectrum of activities. From hosting sports events to serving as fertile grounds for farming, these expansive spaces are adaptable to a multitude of purposes. Their flexibility makes them suitable for recreational sports, large-scale events, and agricultural ventures.

The Benefits of Owning Recreational Land

Recreational land is more than just a piece of nature. It’s also a valuable asset that can grow in value over time. You can use recreational land for many purposes, such as a peaceful family getaway, a profitable rental property, or a wildlife conservation project. Recreational land lets you enjoy the outdoors and benefit from your investment.

Can You Build On Recreational Land?

Building on recreational land requires knowing the local zoning laws and permit requirements. Some recreational lands allow cabins or small lodges, while others have environmental or land use restrictions.

At Mossy Oak Properties, we advise you to consult with local authorities and land experts to determine what you can do with your recreational land. This will help you build your dream getaway legally and responsibly.

What To Look For When Purchasing Recreational Land?

Buying recreational land is a big decision that requires careful research. You need to consider these important factors before you buy:

  • Location: How close is the land to amenities, natural attractions, or urban areas?
  • Accessibility: How easy is getting to the land throughout the year?
  • Wildlife Potential: How rich is the land in wildlife diversity and abundance?
  • Natural Resources: How much water, timber, or minerals does the land have?
  • Future Development Potential: How likely is the land to change in zoning or land use?

By paying attention to these factors, you can make a smart choice that matches your recreational and investment goals.

How To Purchase Recreational Land with Mossy Oak Properties

Our land broker professionals are at hand to help you, making each step of the way easy and clear. Here’s a peek into our process:

  1. We Listen to You
  2. We Hunt Perfect Matches
  3. We Will Keep You Informed
  4. We Plan Visits
  5. We Help You Close the Deal

So, are you geared up to find that dream recreational land? At Mossy Oak Properties, we’re ready and eager to help you realize that dream. Let’s hit that road together!

Buying recreational land is not just an investment; it’s a ticket to personal satisfaction and close encounters with nature. Make recreational land your target if you’re chasing peace, adventure, or potential growth. Our team at Mossy Oak Properties is eager to help you hit the bullseye. Contact one of our Mossy Oak Properties offices today, and let’s turn your land ownership dreams into reality.