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Callers Call In – When Do Turkeys Gobble?!

Y’all answered the call! Why do turkeys gobble some days and not others? Is it weather related, barometric pressure, humidity, the moon? This week on @ffodpodcast we put the question to our listeners and y’all left hundreds of voicemails and we’re gonna play some. This is one of my favorite episodes, no lack of opinions

Deer Meat for Dinner part II

This week on @ffodpodcast it’s part 2 with the crew from @deermeatfordinner. Robert and Sarah Arrington came from humble beginnings to create the largest hunting/fishing/outdoor channel on YouTube. In doing so, they never compromised their Christian and family values. Like the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” they have a great message. They have inspired

Halloween Special | Part 1

This week on Fist Full of Dirt it’s part 1 of our Halloween special. Listeners have sent in their best spooky stories and we threw in a few of our own. Gather around the campfire with your family and listen together. Listen here: Fist Full of Dirt is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.  To follow

From Rock to Dirt with Luc Carl

We hope you’re ready to rock this week as we’re sitting down with Luc Carl. Luc is an author, long-distance runner, rock-n-roller, bar owner, real estate mogul, SiriusXM Radio DJ and now a born-again Hunter & Gamekeeper. Luc grew up in Nebraska and moved to New York City before finally settling down south. He’s not

Going Yard with ‘Bigfut’ Marc Green

This week on Fist Full of Dirt you’ll hear from my buddy Marc Green @bigfut74 who found the secret to success at a young age. This man has a very successful commercial landscaping business and shares some awesome tips on lawns, equipment and techniques that will help you in your own yard. More importantly, listen

Deer Season is Coming

This week on Fist Full of Dirt, it’s a foodplot refresher course with Greg Briggs and Tom Roberson. These two guys plant over 80 foodplots each season and have solid advice on how to get it done. Big equipment, small equipment or very little equipment … there’s always a way! Listen here: Fist Full of

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