Seasoned SC land brokerage joins Mossy Oak Properties      

West Point, MS-  Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce that Rural Land Investments, a division of Milliken Forestry Company, has joined its network of franchised-based land brokerages.

Since 1949, Milliken Forestry Company, based in Columbia, South Carolina, has provided forestry management to help landowners improve their timberland to meet goals as unique as their properties.  Milliken was one of the first ever forestry consulting businesses to exist in the southeast, currently managing over $2 billion of timberland assets. Recently, Milliken Forestry changed its name to Milliken Advisors in an effort to market to a larger audience with a wider scope of services related to rural land ownership that includes forestry, nature based solutions, forest certification, and technology.

In the last two years, Rural Land Investments has closed over $44 million in gross sales of property involving over 13,000 acres.  With a team of full and part time agents, many with a forestry background, Rural Land Investments offers a depth of experience in land management, appraisal services, valuation services, and technology that their customers benefit from.

Dave Hegler, President of Mossy Oak Properties Rural Land Investments, offered insight on his companies’ decision to join the Mossy Oak Properties network.  “Our company has always believed that being exceptionally professional, ethical, reputable, and focused on the right people were the key ingredients to success.  These things will always be tenets of our business, but in today’s ever-changing environment, marketing and brand image are very important to growth and sustainability. When we look at Mossy Oak Properties, we see an opportunity to improve ourselves by association with a partner that has a very special brand and system that will improve our company, and provide our clients, customers, and partners an exceptional platform for success.  We are very excited and honored to be joining this great company.”

Chris Hawley, CEO/President and Co-Founder of Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. added his excitement by saying: “Since our inception, our southeastern footprint has been heavily influenced by the timber industry.  The Milliken name is as strong as they come in the region in the forestry consulting game, and aligning with their land brokerage business will strengthen our position as the preferred land brokerage network in the country.  We see shared values, from our commitment to leave the land better than we found it, to ensuring each client interaction is a positive one.  We are honored that they chose to partner with us as their vehicle for growth and service to their team and clients.”

For more information, Mossy Oak Properties Rural Land Investments can be reached at (803) 722-1124 or by visiting

The Mossy Oak Properties land brokerage network was launched in 2003 and now spans 30 states and 650+ land specialists throughout the country, with our network completing over $1.4 billion in sales volume for 2022. For more information, visit