On a Fist Full of Dirt podcast this week, we’re continuing our conversation with my good buddy Dr. David Allen. He’s got great advice on making better health choices. It’s all about healthy living and living longer so you can teach your grandkids how to hunt and fish! Listen to episode 122: Fist Full of

Fist Full of Dirt | Episode 121

This week on a Fist Full of Dirt podcast, my buddy Dr. David Allen goes deep on the subject health. A few better decisions can help you a lot and he cuts to the chase. It’s not about fitting into your swimsuit or looking better, it’s about hanging around to play with your grandkids. Listen

Alabama Land Broker Receives 2022 Fox Haas Award

 Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce that Alabama land broker Dale Walker of Mossy Oak Properties Alabama Land Crafters in Pike Road, Alabama, received its prestigious “Fox Haas Award” at the company’s recent Land Summit, held on June 6-8, 2022. The Fox Haas Award, named after the iconic patriarch of the Mossy Oak

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