Fist Full Of Dirt | Episode 100

This lady has it figured out, always has. Leave the front porch of your off grid cabin to go turkey hunting, then cook it up on your wood stove. That’s about as rich as a person can be. Brenda shares what made her who she is today. A special episode of hunting, fishing, cooking and

Understanding and Planting Oak Trees

Acorns produced from the white oak tree are one of the most desired foods by many game species. It’s arguably the best food whitetails have for packing-on fat for winter. Andrew Walters | Originally published in GameKeepers: Farming for Wildlife Magazine. To subscribe, click here. As wildlife managers, we understand the significance of hard mast producing trees, particularly oak trees.

Fist Full Of Dirt | Episode 99

The Rick and Bubba crew is one of the most well known teams in all of radio, and they joined us in camp recently for a weekend of laughs, good food, and a little hunting. You don’t want to miss the recap of this hilarious and memorable weekend. Listen to episode 99: Fist Full of

Fist Full Of Dirt | Episode 98

This week on a Fist Full of Dirt podcast we’re talking to our good buddy (and one of the original deer thugs!) Kevin Burleson of Heart of Texas Bowhunting. Kevin is one of the best I’ve been around when it comes to late season bucks. He’s also an absolute master at ground blind setups. We’ll

A Complete Guide To Identifying Acorns

The oak tree is essential to wildlife, and Gamekeepers and hunters alike know the value in a producing oak tree. Acorns provide the protein, carbohydrates and fats animals need to survive the winter. Let’s look at identifying acorns, what acorns are most desirable and when acorns are available.  NOT ALL ACORNS ARE CREATED EQUAL If you have been backcountry camping,

Why Mineral Rights Issues Can Be A Deal Buster

Provided by Mossy Oak Properties Rural land can be much more than just something you enjoy with your loved ones. Sometimes, Mother Nature contains valuable resources investors or companies are itching to get their hands on. Hence, mineral rights. Also known as a mineral estate, mineral rights are just what their name implies: The right of

Fist Full Of Dirt | Episode 97

This episode includes Cranky’s play by play of shooting his biggest buck ever, in his own words. Check it out on A Fist Full of Dirt podcast you’ll be glad you did! This hunt is also up on YouTube at Cuz411 and became our most viewed episode ever in only 48 hours. Listen to episode

Fist Full Of Dirt | Episode 96

Johnny Lanier and Leo Allen, two legends, who started Bent Creek. The birthplace of Murderers Row, The Butcher, Flat Get It and buttermilk pie. They share their stories how they got started and what has made them so successful. Is it the hunting, the food or the people? Tune in to find out! Listen to

Are There Really Less Duck Hunters Now?

Shane Smith If you ask any avid duck or goose hunter about hunting pressure, they will certainly agree there are more hunters afield than ever before. But, how is it according to the USFWS, are there less Federal Duck stamps being purchased each and every year since 1970? I have heard from hunters, biologists and USFWS employees as to why the

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