Why Mossy Oak Properties fits land business

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Regardless of the season or location, there’s never a time when real estate isn’t a competitive business. And as plenty of land brokers have discovered the hard way, teaming up with a brand that gives you an edge can mean all the difference.

Generating nearly 2 billion impressions a year, Mossy Oak Properties is just such a brand.

“One reason we feel like Mossy Oak Properties is a natural fit for people in the land business is because we’re closely tethered to the Mossy Oak brand,” said David Hawley, franchise sales manager for the company. “This is a brand that is well-recognized with the outdoorsman and outdoors enthusiast.”

Beginning as a camouflage design company, Mossy Oak has expanded into all facets of the outdoors lifestyle, with a foundation built on enjoying hunting, helping to conserve nature and celebrating passion for all the great outdoors has to offer.

“It’s a very competitive real estate market right now, and we feel like the first step is getting your foot in the door, and with the Mossy Oak Properties brand, you do have that common ground,” Hawley continued.

One factor that separates Mossy Oak from the pack is its understanding of the special feeling that can only come from spending time in nature. It’s that passion for the outdoors that drives Mossy Oak, and leads the company to work with brokers who share it, regardless of size.

“When you go head to head with an independent land company or even another network, we feel like with the Mossy Oak Properties brand and the services we provide … whether [a land broker is] a one-person shop or in a mega office, we feel like we can add value to what they do,” Hawley said.

Believing in the mission
Mossy Oak Properties knows how special owning land can be, both as a financial investment and as a way to share your passions with loved ones.

“It’s a tangible asset that you can enjoy with your family … you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” Hawley continued. “What other investment, whether it be the stock market or bonds or even gold, can you actually enjoy with your family?”

Brokers across the country have discovered just why Mossy Oak Properties is the perfect fit for the land investment business, as well as how the company’s name-recognition can help them open doors.