Conservation and Easements

Bottomland duck hunter

Are There Really Less Duck Hunters Now?

Shane Smith If you ask any avid duck or goose hunter about hunting pressure, they will certainly agree there are more hunters afield than ever before. But, how is it according to the USFWS, are there less Federal Duck stamps being purchased each and every year since 1970? I have heard from hunters, biologists and USFWS employees as to why the

Mule Deer Herd

The Decline of Mule Deer Populations

Mia Anstine Just like my great-grandfather, I love to pursue mule deer, the “gray ghosts” of the West. They have gray coats, striking black markings on their foreheads, and white around their faces. Their tails are about 6 inches long, with a small black tuft at the end. As their name references, they have large,

mature buck

Follow The Nuts: Deer Scouting With Acorns

Ron Jolly | Originally published in GameKeepers: Farming for Wildlife Magazine After years of hunting our small farm, we have learned that certain oak trees are more productive and attractive than others. This is in part due to the location of the tree and the species of acorn. The basic elements for successful deer scouting are: know where

Mossy Oak Properties National Day of Conservation

Mossy Oak: The Camouflage of Conservation

As Gamekeepers, we believe that the earth and soil are things of beauty, something to be nurtured and seeded. We are firm believers that the more dirt that gets under your fingernails, the higher your spirits are lifted. For us, conservation means leaving things better than we found them – leaving the world a better place for


When easements can become an issue

Easements can be a delicate subject for many landowners, and especially so for those looking to purchase land. Many people are not entirely knowledgeable of how easements work and what they entail. Because of this, land buyers may run into legal issues and ongoing headaches trying to resolve all the easement miscommunication with the seller. There are a host

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