Will Primos: The Truth About “The Truth”

Fist Full Of Dirt Podcast

45 years ago, a young man named Will Primos from Jackson, Mississippi set out to develop a line of turkey calls better than the offerings’ of the day.  As Primos Yelpers evolved into Primos Hunting, the need to market the effectiveness of those calls via a video tape emerged, and Primos enlisted the help of a fellow Mississippian by the name of Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland to produce a VHS of real spring turkey hunts.

After reviewing the footage collected from the spring season, Primos asked Strickland what the name of the tape should be.  With almost divine interjection, Strickland proclaimed: “I don’t know, but all is know is that it’s the truth.”  The light bulb went off, and thus a cult-favorite amongst turkey hunters was born.

Through the years, Primos has been a household name in the outdoor industry, thanks in part to Will’s good nature and connection with outdoors enthusiasts.  A passionate conservationist, he’s in rare air when discussions center around individuals respected and revered in the industry, frequently giving his time, talents, and resources to organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation.

In a special two-part edition of the Fist Full of Dirt podcast with Cuz Strickland, old friends Primos and Strickland recount those early days, and what the Truth, the outdoors, and life in general means to each of them.

To Listen to Part 1:

To Listen to Part 2:

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