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bucks in food plot

12 Food Plot Myths Debunked

Gerald Almy With the flood of informational articles and video material on food plots coming out in recent years, it would seem everything about the subject has been said. Maybe that’s part of the problem, too much information, and not all of it totally accurate. Articles, TV shows, DVDs, podcasts, blogs, books…so much material has

pond fertilization

4 Tips for Managing a Pond Like a Pro

Roger Burge 1. WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MANAGING A POND THAT YOU SEE OVERLOOKED? Harvest of bass and crappie is the most important, and often overlooked aspect of pond management.  An owner can spend thousands of dollars stocking, fertilizing, liming, and feeding without any positive results if the predator population is too dense.

deer in soybeans

Planting Soybeans For Deer

Austin Delano In the world of food plots for whitetail deer, soybeans are often thought of as one of the top choices available. There is no shortage of amazing photography in all four seasons of the year of deer using soybeans as a major food source. I often refer to them as an ice cream

How and when to frost-seed clover

Austin Delano Frost seeding clover can be a great technique to get an early start to the spring growing season and get one of wildlife’s favorite perennial food sources established. WHAT IS FROST SEEDING? Ideally to frost seed successfully you need exposed soil or plots that have been browsed down and contain a lot of open areas.

white oak acorns

Understanding and Planting Oak Trees

Acorns produced from the white oak tree are one of the most desired foods by many game species. It’s arguably the best food whitetails have for packing-on fat for winter. Andrew Walters | Originally published in GameKeepers: Farming for Wildlife Magazine. To subscribe, click here. As wildlife managers, we understand the significance of hard mast producing trees, particularly oak trees.

Identifying Acorns

A Complete Guide To Identifying Acorns

The oak tree is essential to wildlife, and Gamekeepers and hunters alike know the value in a producing oak tree. Acorns provide the protein, carbohydrates and fats animals need to survive the winter. Let’s look at identifying acorns, what acorns are most desirable and when acorns are available.  NOT ALL ACORNS ARE CREATED EQUAL If you have been backcountry camping,

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