Deer Meat for Dinner part II

This week on @ffodpodcast it’s part 2 with the crew from @deermeatfordinner. Robert and Sarah Arrington came from humble beginnings to create the largest hunting/fishing/outdoor channel on YouTube. In doing so, they never compromised their Christian and family values. Like the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” they have a great message. They have inspired

From Rock to Dirt with Luc Carl

We hope you’re ready to rock this week as we’re sitting down with Luc Carl. Luc is an author, long-distance runner, rock-n-roller, bar owner, real estate mogul, SiriusXM Radio DJ and now a born-again Hunter & Gamekeeper. Luc grew up in Nebraska and moved to New York City before finally settling down south. He’s not

It's Not A Passion! It's
An Obsession.