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turkey hunting

Best Turkey Hunting States: The Ultimate Guide

Turkey hunting season in most states begins with the arrival of April. Many hunters look forward to this time of year. Despite fluctuations in turkey populations, well-designed hunting regulations are in place to ensure stability and sustainability for future seasons. If you are fortunate to live in a state renowned for turkey hunting, you are

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Essentials

Deer hunting is a big deal in the U.S., and it is about much more than just tracking down an animal. Hunting plays a key part in keeping nature in check, ensuring deer numbers continue to keep pace with what their environment can support. A manageable deer population helps maintain healthy habitats. It also benefits


What is a Ranchette?

If you love living in the countryside but don’t want to deal with the hassle or cost of running a large ranch, you might be interested in what’s called a ranchette. This guide explains what ranchettes are, how they differ from other rural properties, their advantages and challenges, and how to choose and buy one.

food plot fixes

Food Plot Fixes

Bob Humphrey Food plots are a popular and effective way to attract and hold more deer on your land. However, building them is not as simple as breaking ground, sowing seed and praying for rain. Even the more concerted efforts sometimes fall short of expected results. What follows are a few tips on trouble-shooting some

Four Keys to Successful Wood Duck Boxes

Blake Hamilton, Wildlife Biologist and Registered Forester With the increase of urbanization and short-term timber harvesting, wood duck nesting habitat is decreasing. Most timber stands are currently managed for the quickest return possible. Therefore, old growth and mature hardwoods, which provided cavities for wood duck nesting, are decreasing. So what can we do about this decline? Install

fawn by fence

Food Plot Fencing Options

Austin Delano Food plot fencing options: As gamekeepers, we are constantly preaching on the importance of spring and summer nutrition for whitetails. There are huge upsides for your deer herd when they are provided quality, high-protein groceries during the growing months. However, anyone who has tried to grow a small food plot of soybeans, peas, or

Mature Whitetail Bucks

Mature Whitetail Bucks: Why Don’t I See More?

Bob Humphrey First, let’s be clear what we’re talking about. Maturity is that point at which growth of an organism ceases. Annual plants grow, mature, go to seed and then die in a single season. Others, like aspen trees may grow for years, even decades before growth ceases. Still others, like oaks may continue to

seven turkeys

Ten Tips For More Turkeys

Ron & Tes Jolly It’s just like “turkey math,” if you take habitat, plus food, plus water…that equals, more turkeys. Wild turkeys spend their lives in a home range. When poults first hatch, their home range can be as small as 100 acres. As they grow older and larger the hen leads them where they

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